What experience do you have that is applicable to Camp UNITY?

Counselor Application

DEADLINE - November 22, 2015.

Thank you for applying to Winter Camp UNITY 2016. This camp is an English-language winter camp for Ukrainian youth, organized by Linguistic School -I LOVE English- and focused on upbringing the future leaders of Ukraine. The camp will take place in Kharkiv. The dates of the Camp are January 04th – January 10th but the counselors must be in Kharkiv on January 03rd for the Counselors’ training. Camp UNITY is a unique opportunity for Ukrainian students (aged 12-18) to blend the traditional summer camp experience with educational lessons that aim to increase multicultural awareness and tolerance.

Camp UNITY will focus on leadership, multiculturalism, human rights, tolerance and discrimination. Also, there will be lessons on leadership, volunteerism, human trafficking, and many other interesting topics. There are a lot of different needs for the camp, so, please, be honest with your answers – only then we will be able to place you in a position that suits your personality and will best serve the kids!

Camp Unity though, is a lot more than just teaching lessons: we play different games and sports in the afternoons and have team activities in the evening. We also have a snowball fight, a fashion show, a talent show, quiz shows, some "English Movie Nights", singing camp songs, and so much more! This camp is a LOT of fun, and it’s truly inspiring to see what our campers are capable of!

Thanks for your interest in Camp UNITY.

1. Read the application carefully and fill it out.

2. Email completed application to summercampunity@gmail.com with the Subject: Counselor Application. (DEADLINE- November 22nd, 2015).

3. Be ready to be interviewed on Skype/phone, in case we have any questions concerning your application.

4. In case you are chosen you will be notified by December 1st, 2015.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Bogdan Lapay at summercampunity@gmail.com

Check out our group at http://vk.com/club68993231

We would like the camp counselors to meet the following requirements:

1. To be 18 years or olderin order to have a legal right to work with children and accompany them during the trip.

2. To be FLEX or other exchange program alumna/us (preferable but not obligatory).

3. To have previous experience of being a counselor in English-speaking camps.

Application Form

Full Name: Town, oblast:

Date of Birth: University / Specialization:

Cell Phone Number: E-mail:

Are you a FLEX or other exchange program alumna/us? If YES, which year?

Why are you interested in becoming a Camp Counselor? What do you hope to achieve or realize?

What experience do you have that is applicable to Camp UNITY?

3. Tell us about an interesting/unique/fun hobby or ability you have that you would love to teach to Ukrainian campers as an elective. (Previous classes included basketball, music, dance, debate, board games, public speaking, etc.)

4. Offer 2-3 subjects you would be comfortable teaching (e.g. multiculturalism, leadership, etc.):